Lemon Balm Leaf, organic



Scientific Name: Melissa officinalis

Origin: United States

Named after its distinct citrus aroma, Lemon Balm Leaf is both lemony and minty in flavor, but its laurels don’t rest on its uniquely sweet taste. This delicious herb contains essential oils—known as ‘balsams’—that are believed to assist the body in a variety of ways, such as strengthening the brain; enhancing memory; relieving migraine headaches; calming nerves; and even healing skin disorders such as boils and lesions. It’s no wonder many use this fruitful herb as a healing addition to their teas, tinctures and ointments.

Thanks to its decadent flavor, Lemon Balm Leaf is also great for cooking. From vinaigrettes and marinades to tea cookies and fruit salads, why not grab a handful and replace those boring old lemon peels with something that offers a little more zing?

Heart Health

Rich in antioxidants and essential oils, Lemon Balm Leaf may help lower the potential for heart disease and other ailments. It does so by aiding the body in its regulation of blood pressure and heart rate, thus shielding it from unnecessary stress levels and potential injury. Some evidence even suggests that it may prevent heart arrhythmias and palpitations as well.


A natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, Lemon Balm Leaf can help counteract the effects of harmful foreign bodies from radiation and oxidative stress. Helping to regulate the substance, superoxide dismutase, it can also prevent cell damage, relieve symptoms of pain, and even shield against certain neurodegenerative disorders.

Concentration & Mood

A natural relaxant and mood stabilizer, Lemon Balm Leaf has mild sedative-like effects that can promote more restful sleep and increase overall concentration. It does so by regulating electric impulses to the brain, allowing it to better control anxious thoughts and cognitive performance. This can be especially beneficial to those with ADHD or insomnia.

Healthy Facts

Lemon Balm Leaf’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties make it a powerful ally to the immune system. Helping to maintain proper function in a number of the body’s most vital systems, it can aid in digestion and nutrient absorption, regulate overactive thyroid activity, and minimize the effects of harmful bacteria from the environment.

The recommended dosage of Lemon Balm Leaf is 1.5 – 4.5g, per day.

  • We highly suggest brewing it into a tea or blending it into your favorite juice or smoothie for a rich, tart flavor.
  • Of course, it can also be infused into bath salts, oils, and other applications for external use.
Lemon Balm Leaf is one of the most curious herbs known to the world. Originating in ancient Turkey, it’s said to hold magical powers capable of calming the mind and steadying the thoughts. Of course, some also believe it can control bees. But, that’s a different story. As a tea, Lemon Balm Leaf has a treasured reputation as an invigorating and refreshing beverage. It held such a reputation, in fact, that the Prince of Glamorgan is believed to have consumed a glass daily. Mixed with a variety of spices, it was sold by Carmelite nuns for hundreds of years as a treatment for nervous disorders. Today, Lemon Balm Leaf is a common flavoring in desserts and dishes of all types. From ice cream and candy to pesto and tea. An important part of traditional Austrian medicine, it can still be found for sale in most German pharmacies as well.

If stored correctly, our Lemon Balm Leaf has a shelf life of up to 2 years. To maintain its freshness, it is recommended to always reseal the bag after opening it and removing as much air from the bag as possible. Store in room temperature, away from any heat source or sunlight.


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Kerry W.

Great prices and excellent quality

Great prices and excellent quality

Yvonne M.

I blended the lemon balm

I blended the lemon balm in my nutribullet and the made capsules. I feel they so much better then the ones that I have all ready made.

Paul Saenz

Lemon Grass

?? Is Lemom Grass, The same as Lemon Balm Leaf ?

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