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Ginkgo Leaf Powder (8 oz)

Ginkgo Leaf Powder (8 oz)

14 reviews


Scientific name: Ginkgo biloba

Origin: China

Tracing its roots back nearly 300-million years to the oldest surviving tree species on the planet, Ginkgo Biloba Powder has stood the test of the time in rather convincing fashion. Chinese practitioners have used it for eons, while German scientists have developed many of its more modern applications. So, what is it that makes this ancient herb so interesting? It’s believed that it has the potential to benefit the cardiovascular system by reducing inflammation; protecting against blood clots and free radicals; and improving blood flow to tissue and organs. Of course, that’s in addition to its perceived ability to improve memory, concentration and other mental faculties in elderly individuals as well.

So, while this powerful herb may have a name that’s reminiscent of a video game character, the long history of Ginkgo supplements being utilized to combat depression, Alzheimer’s, impotency and a wealth of other afflictions speaks for itself. Think of it as a healthful boost that’s 300 million years in the making.

Brain Health

A natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, organic Ginkgo Biloba Powder has the potential to combat cognitive decline, enhance concentration, and improve overall motor skills. There’s even literature to suggest that this powerful herb can reduce the risk of certain age-related brain disorders, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Anxiety & Depression

As an adaptogen herb, organic Ginkgo Biloba Powder can help to counteract high levels of stress hormones in the body. These same qualities also make it effective in enhancing the body’s ability to deal with anxious thoughts, as well as overcome symptoms of seasonal depression and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).

Vision Health

With its natural antioxidant properties, organic Ginkgo Biloba Powder is effective in removing the harmful bacteria and free radicals that can cause macular degeneration, while also helping to maintain overall functionality of the retina, macula, and cornea.

Healthy Facts

Shown to have platelet-forming and circulation-boosting effects, organic Ginkgo Biloba Powder can offer a wide array of healthful benefits. Ginkgo supplements can stave off symptoms of PMS, have a positive effect on the hormones that regulate libido, aid in minimize issues associated with ADHD, and lessen the pain and discomfort of both headaches and migraines.

The typical recommended dosage of organic Ginkgo Biloba Powder can vary greatly, depending on the desired result. For example, if consuming for altitude sickness, 160mg per day is ideal. While 600mg is recommended for those seeking to boost cognitive performance.

For simpler dosing, you can also make your own Ginkgo supplement capsules by utilizing one of our easy-to-use capsule filling machines.

Revered for its natural beauty, Ginkgo Biloba’s existence can be traced to a group of fossils believed to be more than 200 million years old. Though, it wasn’t until much later that it attracted the attention of traditional practitioners and members of the medical community. In fact, its first recorded use as a medicine only dates back to late 15th century China—where it began to play an increasing role in various remedies and aids. Yet, despite its growing popularity at the time, it wasn’t until 1965 that it was first registered for medicinal use in western Europe.

Known as a natural oddity, the Ginkgo Biloba tree has no known relatives in nature, though it remains unchanged for millions of years. Known for the distinct shape of its leaves, the trees can now be found growing across the globe—from Central Park to the gardens of Korea.

If stored correctly, our Ginkgo Biloba Powder has a shelf life of up to 2 years. To maintain its freshness, it is recommended to always reseal the bag after opening it and removing as much air from the bag as possible. Store in room temperature, away from any heat source or sunlight.


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Tom P.

High Quality, good value.

Lancelot B.

Very Good

Pamela C.

I recommend you to everyone I meet including your web page. love the products and the prices.

TamI J.

Let me say that it was truly rewarding, I have been taking the Gingki powder and. Is amazing. I can feel the difference.


We received the package in a timely manner... professionally packaged and intact --- thank you. I purchased this for my husband to use for tinnitus, and will let you know the results after he gets into the routine of taking it daily (smile). Thanks again for your kind service.

Michael M.

Really enjoyed using this powder. Good quality for a good price

Donna T.

Gingko good for circulation need to know if you have a right measure to take Gingko , I use 1/8 tsp

Jackie E.

I have purchased powder for many years now, and do find your's to be excellent. Really, you would not believe what's out there now a days. Just wish you would carry a bigger line of product.

Susanna K.

Excellent. Also got gel capsule. All delivered in time.

Gary S.

I found my new herb supplier, and it's Herb Affair! Great product, great packaging, great price, and the shipping was fast. What more could I ask for?

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