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Licorice Root Powder (8 oz)

Licorice Root Powder (8 oz)

17 reviews


Scientific Name: Glycyrrhiza glabra

Origin: Egypt

Similar in flavor to its candy cousin, Licorice Root Powder tastes much like Star Anise or Fennel Root. And while some are not a fan of it in rope form, everyone can still enjoy the healthful and earthy decadence of this mighty herb. Used as an herbal remedy for decades, its believed this sweet powder can offer benefits such as the loosening of phlegm; soothing of ulcers; relief from canker sores; restoration from chronic fatigue; and even boosting of the immune system when battling cold and flu symptoms.

Versatile as it is delicious, Licorice Root supplements can add a distinct anise flavor to teas, syrups, sauces, custards and just about anything else your mind can imagine. So, why not add some bite to your favorite recipe and experience the healthful wonders of this powerful herb for yourself.

Adrenal Health

Regulator of the hormone, adrenaline, the Adrenal Gland ensures our ability to cope with and react to ever-changing stimuli in our environment. Organic Licorice Root Powder helps to maintain this vital bodily function through the regulation of cortisol—the stress hormone—thus preventing the adrenals from being overworked. 


Licorice Root Powder is a natural anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and demulcent. Together, these properties have an immunity-boosting effect shown to help kill bacteria and protect against potentially harmful sicknesses, such as influenza. They also lower the risk of infection, which makes organic Licorice Root Powder an especially beneficial ally in the fight viruses and disease. 

Pain Relief

Licorice Root Powder’s anti-inflammatory properties are also of great benefit to those dealing with joint and muscle pain, as they can ease discomfort and soreness. Likewise, Licorice Root supplements can aid with certain symptoms of menopause and PMS, such as minimizing the effects of hot flashes and gastrointestinal bloating.

Healthy Facts

An excellent boost to the immune system, organic Licorice Root Powder acts as an expectorant to loosen the mucus build-ups that often lead to coughing and sore throat. These very same properties also help with some systematic health issues, like leaky gut syndrome, heartburn, and acid reflux.

The recommended dosage of Licorice Root Powder is 150 – 300mg, per day.

  • While many brew it into a tea, it can also be used as a flavoring within desserts and other culinary treats.
  • We suggest sparkling it on top of your favorite ice cream or dusting it onto a freshly baked cake for an invigorating spark of flavor.
  • For even faster intake, you can also make your own Licorice Root supplement capsules by utilizing one of our easy-to-use capsule filling machines.

Most people know licorice root for its distinctive flavor in many candies, tobaccos and beverages. A compound in this root called glycyrrhizin can be up to 50 times sweeter than table sugar. However, as important as it may be for its sweetness, it is even more beneficial for its many health benefits.

This herb has been around for thousands of years, dating back to the ancient times when King Tut ruled Egypt. Archeologists found very large quantities of licorice in his tomb, presumably so that he could drink a common Egyptian tea called “mai sus” in his afterlife. This sweet herb was also commonly used by the Hindus, Greeks, Romans, Indians, Babylonians and Chinese. Around 80 AD, Roman physician Pliny the Elder recommended chewing licorice root to assist in clearing the voice and alleviating thirst and hunger. Both Greek and Roman soldiers were often given it to chew on while they were on long marches, if food and water were scarce.

Licorice root was given the botanical name Glycyrrhiza glabra, meaning “sweet root” in Greek. Licorice root was endorsed by both Napoleon Bonaparte and Alexander the Great for its many health benefits including stomach and throat trouble, as well as liver and kidney disorders. It became such a high commodity in England that Edward I enacted an import tax on it to help finance repairs of the London Bridge.

If stored correctly, our Licorice Root Powder has a shelf life of up to 2 years. To maintain its freshness, it is recommended to always reseal the bag after opening it and removing as much air from the bag as possible. Store in room temperature, away from any heat source or sunlight.


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Lasaundra B.

Will definitely be ordering again. This was the best batch of licorice root powder I have ever purchased! Fast delivery as well even with the COVID19 shipping time change, I an totally satisfied!

Nancy T.

Good quality Egyptian licorice is the best. Tastes yummy sweet like licorice. Would purchase again

Richard K.

would do business again

Nicole B.

I am so happy with this purchase. This helps with my asthma & whenever I have a cold. Tastes great with tea

William C.

Excellent quality product.

Ike A.


It was amazing delivery and amazing product .thank you


Easy to order, fast and low cost shipping. Organic Licorice Root Powder is great.

Sughra N.


Cindy J.

Will be buying again. I was wondering if they had it in liquid form.the company even nice of enough to give a free sample.of any item you want.now that good business.

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