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Scientific Name: Origanum majorana

Origin: Egypt

Delicate and slightly sweet, Marjoram is a proud member of the mint and oregano family. Known for its distinct aroma and delicate flavor, this decadent herb is the prefect addition to those lighter dishes that don’t have a need for the spicy bite of oregano. It’s also believed that Marjoram can offer a wide variety of health benefits like relieving menopause symptoms; improving appetite and digestion; assisting with restful sleep; and helping to curb coughs, colds and headaches. Who knew those little leaves in your favorite chicken seasoning could be so powerful?

So, how will you use it? You can easily blend it into sauces, soups, stews and dressings or toss it into your own personal spice mix. Marjoram is a delicious addition to any number of dishes at any time of day.

Digestive Health

As part of a healthy diet, Marjoram may improve the body’s ability to absorb nutrients through digestion. It does so by stimulating peristaltic movement in the intestines, thus encouraging proper waste elimination. This process also benefits the body by reducing the potential for toxin build-up and alleviating digestive discomfort.

Cardiovascular Health

Naturally high in antioxidants, Marjoram can help maintain proper functioning in the nervous system, while reducing cardiac strain and blood pressure levels. Acting as a calming agent, this process can also prevent over-stimulation in many of the body’s systems and prevent the body from overexerting itself in stressful situations.

Pain Relief

Marjoram is a beneficial ally in the battle against the pain and discomfort associated with headaches and muscle tension. A natural anti-inflammatory, it can reduce symptoms of these conditions, while further calming the nervous system and lowering blood pressure levels, which heighten its overall effects.

Healthy Facts

Marjoram also contains an array of healthful flavonoids, tannins, and essential oils that can aid the body in a number of ways. It can assist in the prevent and management of type 2 diabetes by inhibiting the enzyme known as protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B. It helps to minimize the potential for spikes in blood sugar levels. And it can restore hormonal balance in women, especially those who are experiencing symptoms of menopause or PMS.

The recommended dosage of Marjoram is 1 teaspoon, per day.

  • If consumed on its own, it is usually brewed into a minty and refreshing tea.
  • Most individuals typically use it as a seasoning or garnish for savory dishes, thus making it easy to fit into nearly any diet.
  • We suggest adding a pinch or two to your favorite stuffing recipe for a more complex flavor in your meal.
Indigenous to areas of Cyprus and Turkey, Marjoram was known as a symbol of happiness by the Greeks and Romans. It was also widely utilized by these cultures as a natural treatment for everything from poison to edema. It was even woven into crowns and placed atop the heads of newlyweds during their marriage ceremonies and thought to nurture love amongst those who ingested it. Eventually making its way into Europe, it was incorporated into a variety of dishes and beverages, including beer and tobacco—mostly due to its mint-like flavor and preservative qualities. Marjoram is now one of the most common spices found in kitchens around the world. And it’s used to flavor sausages, salad dressings, marinades, stuffing, and much, much more.

If stored correctly, our Marjoram has a shelf life of up to 2 years. To maintain its freshness, it is recommended to always reseal the bag after opening it and removing as much air from the bag as possible. Store in room temperature, away from any heat source or sunlight.

Disclaimer: For educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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