Black Walnut Hull Powder



Scientific Name: Juglans Nigra

Origin: United States

Not only is Black Walnut a flavor you’d find in some of the world’s most respected kitchens, but it’s also a powerful herb that offers an array of potential healing properties. While this is due in part to the hull being rich in Vitamin C, most naturalists will point you to another active component—Juglone. Holding the power to inhibit certain enzymes needed for metabolic function, Juglone is reported to be effective against pinworm, ringworm, tapeworm and other intestinal parasites. However, we like to think it’s most effective property is its delicious taste.

Also helpful in the treatment of jock itch, acne, bruises, warts and blisters, Black Walnut Hull Power is one of those rare ingredients that’s as powerful as it is pleasing. So, why not grab a bag and brew some into a tasty tea or create your very own skin regime?  

Skin Health

Black Walnut Hull Powder is an excellent source of a chemical substance known as tannin. This offers natural antiseptic properties that can be used to tighten skin, cleanse pores, and relieve irritation. Together, these benefits can also help to ease symptoms associated with eczema, psoriasis, acne, poison ivy, and viral warts, amongst a variety of other skin afflictions.

Cardiovascular Health

Containing high levels of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), Black Walnut supplements support healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It also provides protein, potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin E, and magnesium to further promote overall wellness within the body.


Thanks to its possession of the organic compound, juglone, Black Walnut Hull Powder is both a natural antifungal and antimicrobial. This makes it an excellent aid in combating internal and external infections, as well as parasites and other harmful foreign bodies. It’s also helpful in easing the symptoms of constipation, toxemia, hemorrhoids, and giardia. 

Healthy Facts

A good source of various vitamins and minerals, such as copper, magnesium, selenium, iron, and zinc, Black Walnut supplements can be beneficial to many of the body’s health needs. It can regulate digestion issues, relieve heartburn and flatulence, and reduce pain in the spleen caused by bile blockage. There’s also evidence to suggest it may help regulate blood sugar levels and ward off heart disease.

It should be noted that this product is not recommended for long-term use.

  • Stir, blend or mix ¼ - ½ teaspoon of Black Walnut Hull Powder into a glass of hot tea ,shakes, smoothies or your favorite beverage, daily.
  • For even faster intake, you can also make your own Black Walnut supplement capsules by utilizing one of our easy-to-use capsule filling machines.

Though commonly associated with North America due to its vast abundance, the Black Walnut tree is actually native to Central Asia and was later cultivated in Europe. Dating back as early as 100 BC, Black Walnut Hulls were utilized as a source of nutrition and medicine for many of the indigenous tribes living in and around the Americas. Through migration and travel, they eventually reached the shores of California and are now grown throughout much of the United States. Praised by many Naturalists and Herbalists throughout the centuries, Black Walnut Hulls have been prescribed for everything from snake bites to psychological disorders. In solid form, they’re also one of the most sought-after materials for making gunstocks for long rifles and a variety of other armaments. 

If stored correctly, our Black Walnut Hull Powder has a shelf life of up to 2 years. To maintain its freshness, it is recommended to always reseal the bag after opening it and removing as much air from the bag as possible. Store in room temperature, away from any heat source or sunlight.


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Debbie N.
United States

Truly great

We love it. We feed it to our animals. It keeps ticks and fleas off of them.



PLEASE POST WARNINGS WITH PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS. When you read natural blogs that state this is good to keep internal parasites away, it can easily be mistaken as a safe for pets. WALNUT HULLS ARE OFTEN FATAL FOR DOGS AND HORSES. Better to be safe than sorry.

Michael K.

Black Walnut Hull Powder

Is good in my oatmeal in the morning

Debbie N.

Just love it

I use the black walnut hull for my animals. I mix it in their food. It keeps them healthy. And bug free.

Suzen D.


Great quick shipping and good herb! was perfect to make my formula! Good job! I keep coming back : )

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