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Capsule Filling Machines

We are happy to offer you the CAP-M-QUIK capsule filling machine to make your life just a little bit easier. With some practice you will be able fill 50 capsules with whatever substance you use in about 10 minutes. You can now make your own herbal supplements from the comfort of your own home.

Filling capsules by hand is very tedious and messy. With this handy little machine, it makes filling pill caps that much easier and you are able to fill 50 caps at once. The capsule fillers we offer are also dishwasher safe if put on the top shelf. Don’t put the pieces on the bottom shelf because it will get too hot and warp the machine.

With or Without the Tamper, That is The Question

We always advise our customers to purchase the tamper along with the capsule filler. We offer the CAP-M-QUIK with the tamper or without the tamper. The tamper essentially allows you to double whatever powder you are encapsulating. Now, you certainly don’t have to buy the tamper, but if you are trying to add that little bit extra into the capsule, the tamper lets you do that.

It is a simple accessory that fits across the top of the CAP-M-QUIK and has slots that fit into each capsule. Once you set it on top of each capsule, you simply put pressure and it compresses the powder further into the capsule, allowing you to top off the capsules. Some powders are denser which allows you to tamp it down multiple times if you like. The tamper is a very nice accessory to have, but certainly is not necessary.

Where To Start

Each capsule filling machine is designed to fit the corresponding capsule size. If you were to buy one sized capsule filler and another sized capsule, you would not be able to fill the capsule very efficiently. So be sure to buy the same sized capsule filler and capsules. We offer the capsule filler, tamper, and 1000 empty capsules either vegetarian or gelatin here. If you buy them together it is discounted off the price from buying each item seperately.

We offer four different size capsule fillers. They start at the smallest size, which is size 1 and go to size 000, which is very large. We also offer the two sizes in the middle, which are 00 and 0. Using the CAP-M-QUIK capsule filling machine will save you time and money in the future. If you need help choosing a size you can either reference the sizing chart or contact us.

Start Capping

Capping your own pills into your own herbal supplements can be fun and cost effective. If you buy the herbal supplements from the store they are not only marked up much higher, but there also may be fillers in the supplement, which means you are losing out on all the potential benefits. When you fill your own supplements you know exactly what is in each capsule. You can also make your own combinations and fill a capsule with whatever you like. The options are endless. So, go ahead and purchase the capsule filler with the capsules and get on the fast track to a new healthy life.

Check out this video to help get you started!