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How to Make a Steamed Herbal Poultice

Poultices are pastes/plasters made from herbs. They are good for many different ailments including abscesses, pressure ulcers, chest congestion, infections, and more. They are commonly used to increase blood flow, relax tense muscles, and soothe inflamed tissues. If you haven’t ever made one, chances are you could benefit from one and you should consider trying it.  A steamed poultice is even easier than a regular poultice, as all you need are a pot of hot water, a colander, and a cup of herbs. Follow these easy instructions!

Ingredients for Preparation

1 C dried herbs
Water in a pot
A colander
Soft cloth or flannel

Steamed Poultice Recipe

Bring water in a pot to a rapid boil, then place the colander over it. Make sure the water will not touch the inside of the colander, then add the herbs to the colander. Steam the herbs until they are soft and soaked. Take them out of the colander, let them cool for about ten minutes, then place the herbal mass on the affected area of the body. Cover the area with the soft cloth to retain warmth, then wrap the entire area with a dry cloth. When the herbs cool, reapply if you need.


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