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How to Make Herbal Ointments

Ointments are a great way to apply herbs for skin issues such as rashes or eczema, as well as a way to treat sore muscles or joints. You may think that you can only get ointments from your doctor or at the drugstore, but that’s not true! You’ll want to use a non-petroleum jelly to make ointments – you can either purchase it premade or make your own.  Using herbal ointments can be very beneficial for your skin, and what’s great is they are not difficult to make.  There are many different herbs that can be used in ointments, including ginger root, which is good for bronchitis, and green tea, which is thought to be a good anti-wrinkle treatment. Make your own herbal ointments today!

Ingredients to Prepare Herbs

¼ C “Un-Petroleum” jelly
¼ C dried herbs

Ointment Preparation Recipe

First, set up a double boiler—a pot of water, with a bowl over the pot. Put the un-petroleum jelly in the bowl, then melt it and add the herbs. Simmer the mixture on very low heat for a half hour, then strain the mixture. Pour it into a container. The mixture will thicken into an ointment as it cools.


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