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How to Make Herbal Tonic Wines

Similar to herbal teas, herbal tonic wines are a great way to make herbs into an easy-to-consume product.  Roots like ginger or licorice are refreshing when made into tonic wines and can be a good remedy for some ailments, but you can make a tonic wine out of most any herb that is best suited for your needs.  Once you have decided what herbs to use, you can begin the process of making a tonic wine.

Tonic Wine Ingredients

1 C dried herbs 
2 C good quality red wine, enough to completely cover the herbs when in a jar

Herb Preparation Recipe

Combine the herbs and wine in the jar, completely covering the herbs. Put a cover on the jar or wrap it with plastic wrap. Let it infuse for at least two weeks, then filter the herbs out of the liquid. Drink two to three ounces of the wine each day.

You can add more red wine to cover the herb after this, and the mixture will last for several months as the wine continues to draw out components of the herbs. The herbs will eventually need to be replaced, but in the meantime, keep them covered with wine so they do not mold.


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