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How to Make Powdered Herbs

One of the most popular ways that people use herbs is making them into capsules or powders. A standard dosage of the herbs is two or three capsules, two or three times a day, depending on the herb. 

How to Prepare Powdered Herbs

All you need is a grinder and some herbs. Grind the herb until it is a fine powder. Herbs can be pulverized into fine powders using a coffee grinder—but, if you grind both coffee and herbs, it’s best to have two separate grinders so the residue for the two substances does not mix.

Making Capsules with Herb Powder

Making capsules is simple. All you have to do is place the powder in a small bowl, then scoop each side of a capsule through the powder. When they are full of powder, fit them together. Store filled capsules in a cool, dark place, so that they do not melt together.

Making a large amount of capsules is even easier when you use the Cap-M-Quik capsule filler, which can make up to 50 capsules at a time. A standard size—00—capsule will hold approximately 500 or 600 milligrams of a powdered herb. Our kit also comes with a tamper, which allows you to compress the herb so that a 00-size capsule can hold more powder, about 800-1,000mg.

Watch a video on how to use the Cap-M-Quik capsule filler here!


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