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How to Make Simple Herbal Skin Creams

How to Make Simple Herbal Skin Creams

Skin creams that have been infused with herbs can add an extra level of luxury to your skincare routine. And what’s more, using herbs in your skin cream can provide additional benefits for your skin. For instance, it can refresh your skin and make you look more awake. Preparing simple skin creams is not difficult and doesn’t take long, and the resulting product can last up to a full year. Imagine using your favorite herb in your favorite skin cream every day! Learn how to prepare a simple cream by following Herb Affair’s recipe for making herbal skin cream.

Herbs to consider:  Hibiscus Flower,  Rooibos Red Tea,  Lavender,  Oat Straw,  Chamomile Flowers,  Green Tea, or  Slippery Elm Bark.

Herbal Skin Cream Ingredients

  • 2 TBS skin cream
  • 1 TBS herbs - dried
  • Mesh strainer - fine

Recipe for Cream Preparation

First, melt the cream in a double boiler -- a bowl placed over a pot that is with boiling water. Next, add the dried herbs. Stir the mixture until the cream takes on the herbs' color. Take the mixture off of the heat, then strain the cream using the mesh strainer. Place the strained cream in a glass bowl to cool, then transfer the cream to dark bottles. Store the bottles in a dark, cool place, where the cream will be preserved to use for up to a year.

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