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Mix and Match:  Great Combinations for Herbal Supplements

Mix and Match: Great Combinations for Herbal Supplements

One of the main benefits of creating your own herbal supplements is controlling exactly what goes into each capsule. You can kick fillers and unpronounceable chemicals to the curb. Another benefit of crafting your own dietary supplements is tailoring each supplement to fit your individual needs. And better yet? If your needs change month to month, you can adjust your supplements accordingly without losing any money.

Before beginning any natural supplement regime, it’s a good idea to consult your health professional. Some herbs, spices, and seeds can interact with prescribed medication, so it’s a good idea to speak with a doctor or naturopath if you take any medication. Likewise, if you’re pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant, you should also consult with a healthcare professional. Here are four great supplement combinations to help address common issues.

1. Immunity Booster

Whether cold season is rapidly approaching or you’ve just been feeling a bit run down lately, perhaps it’s time to try to better support the body’s immune system. Many berries and herbs offer a wide array of antioxidants. Antioxidants are compounds that stimulate the immune system and strengthen it against weakness. A possible combination packed with antioxidants could include equal parts of acai berry juice powder, bee pollen granules, Echinacea purpurea, and elderberry. Both Echinacea and elderberry have long been used to ward off cold season sickness, and recent research suggests the many immunity benefits of bee pollen.

2. Energy Booster

During an average day, many of us feel as though we’re being pulled in several directions at once, which can be exhausting. When caffeine doesn’t seem to be providing the energy needed to get through the day, then perhaps energy from another source could help! Greens have long been hailed as a remedy to exhaustion; but who wants to eat endless servings of spinach? A supplement containing kelp, spinach, and wheatgrass powders just may help you find that extra energy you need to power through the day. Consider taking one in the morning and one mid-day to keep the energy following to be your most productive.

3. Metabolic Booster

As people age the metabolic process slows—and a slow metabolism can lead to a host of ailments ranging from poor nutrient absorption to lethargy and even weight gain. Paying attention to your metabolism (and indeed the whole intestinal process) is an important step in assessing your overall health. Several different plants may offer significant compounds to aid in jumpstarting the body’s metabolic process. If you’ve been feeling sluggish lately, try creating a metabolic booster with two parts green tea, one part cayenne pepper, and one part hawthorn berry powder. While consuming enough green tea and cayenne pepper would be an otherwise daunting task, encapsulating them is fairly easy—and tasteless!

4. Weight Loss Booster

Many of us secretly covet an ideal weight. And sometimes regardless of how much we exercise or eat well, the weight just doesn’t seem to come off. It may be time to mix and match the benefits of plants. Several plants contain compounds that trigger the body to burn fat while others contain higher fiber contents to keep you feeling full, thus reducing the damaging habit of snacking throughout the day. Many studies have confirmed a link between weight loss and green tea consumption. To create a weight loss booster, try mixing equal parts of spirulina (an algae), mustard seed, acai berry, and green tea.

It’s important to remember that natural approaches to health sometimes take a little time before benefits become apparent. This occurs because the body needs to build up a reserve of the plant-based compounds within the body; for example, creating a green energy supplement may not result in an immediate energy boost, but over a week or so you’ll likely start to notice a difference. Stick with your health—you’ll be glad you did!

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