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Red and Green: Two Teas with Great Benefits

Red and Green: Two Teas with Great Benefits

Tea cup filled with red rooibos tea

You’ve probably heard of the incredible benefits of green tea over other teas such as white or black tea. But have you heard of the benefits of red tea or rooibos? Taken from a plant different from the traditional tea plant, this powerful little leaf packs a powerful health punch and tastes great. Read on to compare them below.

Health magazines have hailed green tea as a health wonder drink for decades—something other civilizations have known for thousands of years. It is a light and crisp drink often consumed on its own, hot or as iced tea.

Harvard Studies have identified green tea as the single best food source of catechins—disease-fighting antioxidants more powerful than vitamins C and E. Besides catechins, green tea has a host of other bio-available flavonoids. These all protect the cells from damage and reduce the formation of free radicals in the body.

If you’re looking for a boost for your brain, green tea may be a great option for you. It contains caffeine, but not as much as a coffee or a soda, so you’ll get the benefits of a mid-afternoon jump without the jitters or the associated crash later in the day.

Green tea also contains the brain-booster L-theanine, an amino acid that increases dopamine and alpha waves in the brain. So while you’re getting a burst of energy from the caffeine, you won’t have to worry about the anxiety that can often accompany it.

You may choose green tea as a way to help you get through a workout, capitalizing on its fat burning effects as well as its boost to your physical performance. Studies have shown when people consume green tea, it increases fat oxidation by 17%, which increases the burning of fat.

Rooibos tea is a relatively new (to Western countries) brew that comes from a red bush native to South Africa.

It has a rich, earthy taste that lends itself to many flavor combinations. It makes for a delicious decaffeinated chai tea or tea latte, and its increase in popularity has made it more readily available.

Besides its versatility, rooibos comes with many health properties. It is rich in quercetin—one of the most powerful antioxidants around. This antioxidant fights viruses, strengthens the heart, and is an anti-inflammatory. Rooibos also contains some rare antioxidants associated with calming effects.

Unlike some of its peers in the brewing family, Rooibos has also been known for its soothing effect on the digestive system. Pour a cup to relieve heartburn or ulcers while simultaneously enjoying its relaxing properties. Rooibos is a delicious remedy for countless nervous system issues. You can relieve insomnia, headaches, and even mild depression. It has also been tied in studies to the relief of hay fever and asthma. How’s a warm cup of tea for treating your allergies instead of a pill!

However, one of the best benefits of rooibos is how safe it is. Doctors cite is as being safe for pregnant and nursing mothers because it is gentle and caffeine-free. You can even use it as a remedy for colicky babies. Sounds like it’s the perfect drink for just about anyone.

The health properties of red and green teas have been the subject of studies for decades, and we’re finding new benefits all the time. Though which one is best will vary according to individual needs. Try a few cups of each prepared differently and see what you think. You may just find your favorite new healthy drink.

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