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Why You Should Make Your Own Capsules



To fill or not to fill your own capsules. That is the question.

Well friend, if we may say so ourselves…we have the answer.

In our humble opinion, the answer is TO FILL.

We can break that answer down into five pieces for you.

1) Moolah ($)

Do you want to save money?

By making your own capsules, you will be saving money. When you buy pre-filled capsules, you can pay as high as $20 per bottle.

Think about it. The company who makes the capsules gets a cut of the sale and the store where you’re buying the capsules gets a cut. Oh and that store, yeah…they have a lot of expenses and they need to make a profit.

If you fill your own capsules, you don’t need to pay the middle man - that store owner who has to turn a profit after high expenses.

You can fill your own bottle for as low as $5.

2) Save Time

Jumping in your car, turning the key, driving to the drug store, parking, getting out of your car, walking into the store, waiting in line, buying your pre-filled capsules, walking back to your car, getting in your car, turning the key, driving home, parking, getting out of your car, walking into your home, sitting on your couch and opening your pre-filled capsules.

That’s what it looks like if you pick up pre-filled capsules from the store.

Okay, they may have a drive through. That cuts out a few steps. And we may have purposely dragged on the full process of picking up your pre-filled herbal supplements from the store.

You get the point though.

It takes real time to pick up your capsules.

At best, if you live really close to the drug store, maybe you’re looking at around 20 minutes to drive there, pick them up and drive home. At worst, if you don’t live that close or there’s traffic or a long line when you get there, it could be a few hours.

If you order empty capsules and a capsule filler, simply click a few ‘Add to Cart’ buttons on, go to your door, open your door, pick up the box, walk back to your couch, open the box and open the capsules. It takes just 5 minutes to fill 24 capsules. You can fill 50 capsules in 10 minutes.

You save time by filling your own capsules.

3) Peace of Mind

They say money can’t buy peace of mind, but sometimes it can. Who is “they” anyways.

Money can buy peace of mind when it comes to what you put in your body. Chances are you’re at least a bit wary when you put a pill in your body. That’s normal when you don’t see it being filled.

When you fill your own capsules, you see exactly what you’re putting in. That is peace of mind.

Money will buy you capsules which you can fill yourself. Therefore, money can buy peace of mind. To clarify, we should say, “LESS money can buy you peace of mind” because as mentioned previously, filling the capsules yourself is also less expensive than buying pre-filled capsules.

4) Completely Custom

You can completely customize your own capsules to ensure that you obtain the exact benefits you’re seeking. No need for unnecessary multi-vitamins.

It’s pretty hard to find pre-filled capsules that possess exactly what you need. Drug stores are businesses that need to turn a profit. Therefore, they stock their shelves with the pre-filled capsules that have the best profit margins and/or sell to the widest range of people.

They have to serve the masses, so they aren’t able to have a large variety of every different possible combination.

You can though.

You can put exactly what you want into your capsules. Although, the only way to customize your capsules to possess exactly what you want is by filling the capsules yourself.

5) Avoid the Gross Stuff

You know herbs are good for you. You’re right. They are.

Let’s be real though, not all herbs are tasty and that sure may be an understatement.

No need to worry.

When you fill your own capsules, you can still obtain the benefits from bitter herbs without needing to taste that gross taste due to your ability to customize your capsules.

If you want to buy pre-filled capsules, you definitely can. They’re available at most drug stores throughout the country.

As you decide whether to drive to the drug store to buy pre-filled capsules or to click a few buttons and have capsules delivered to your door for you to fill them exactly as you want…consider the following questions.

Do you want to save money?

If yes, you should remember that you will save money by filling your own capsules.

Do you value your time?

If yes, you should remember that you will save time by ordering online and filling your own capsules.

Do you want peace of mind?

If yes, you should remember that you will be able to obtain peace of mind by seeing exactly what you put into your body by filling your own capsules.

Do you want to only put what you want to put into your body?

If yes, you should remember that you will be able to do just that, in other words completely customize your capsules if you fill them yourself.

Do you want to avoid the stuff that tastes gross?

If yes, you should remember that you can avoid the gross tasting herbs by simply filling the capsules yourself.

This is a free country. Do what you want.

We’re just saying, if you answered yes to all of the questions mentioned above, isn’t what you want the capsules that you can fill on your own while saving money?

We sell quality capsules at low prices, we ship quickly and we offer free shipping for orders over $49.

A few clicks and we’ll get the order processed for you. You can check out options here


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