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How to Make Herb Macerations

When you’re looking for new ways to prepare your herbs from Herb Affair, don’t miss out on herb macerations. Macerations are similar to infusions, except made with cold water instead of hot water. The reason for this is that some herbs, such as wild cherry bark and valerian root, are better infused in cold water. Macerations are very easy to make, and can be used for a variety of different things, such as sleeping aides or cough suppressants, depending on the herbs you are using. Simply follow these easy instructions and you can enjoy your very own herbal macerations in no time.

Herbs and Ingredients

2 tsp of dried herbs, more if the herbs are fluffy 
1 C water, cold

Herbal Macerations Preparation Recipe

Put the herbs in the water, and let the mixture sit, covered, for up to eighteen hours in a cool place. Next, strain the water and drink the same way you would an infusion—eight-ounce doses, three times per day.


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