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7 Super Foods You Should Add to Your Diet

7 Super Foods You Should Add to Your Diet

Everyone wants to become fit and healthy. However, the various diet fads and myths in the industry have prevented the majority of people from achieving the physique that they have always dreamed of. Superfood is the term used to refer to the type of foods that can provide amazing benefits to the body-- reduced risk of heart disease, improved, mental sharpness, focus and energy and many more. Keep in mind that these super foods are all-natural, so it is very safe for your overall health.

Super Foods For The Perfect Diet

Having a fit and healthy body does not rely on physical activity alone. Keep in mind that what you eat plays a good role in how your body will look like. Let us bear in mind that you are what you eat. If you want to be super, then here are the super foods that you must incorporate into your diet.

1. Blueberries

One of the healthiest fruits that we have today is blueberries. Those little blue circles may seem innocent but they actually contain a lot of amazing benefits for your body and overall health. Each and every piece of blueberry is packed with vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants-- all of which are highly recommended for our nutritional needs. The best thing about this type of fruit is that it is delicious, so you will not have problems forcing yourself to eat one. You can eat them on their own, turn them into a smoothie, incorporate them into pastries, make a dessert out of them and many more. With blueberries, the benefits and possibilities that you have are practically endless.

2. Kale

Today, these leafy greens have become the talk of the town in the health and fitness industry. On the list of its nutrients are fiber, protein, vitamin A and C, iron, calcium and chlorophyll. Aside from the fact that it contains various nutritional substances, it also features a lot of cancer-fighting contents. The best thing about kale is the fact that it is quite versatile, making it easy for anyone to incorporate it in their diet. Even the green haters would certainly love this leafy green!

3. Kiwi

Judging from how it looks, most people would tend to neglect the inclusion of this fruit in their daily diet. Let us remember that we should not judge an item based on its cover so it is best that we get to know kiwi deeper. When it comes to vitamin C content, nothing can compare to these brown circles. Aside from ascorbic acid, it also contains fiber and magnesium, which aids our body's natural processes. People who wish to lose weight will find delight in the fact that this is a low calorie fruit.

4. Salmon

We cannot deny the fact that meats are like pieces of heaven on earth, but if you really wish to become healthy, you have to reduce your meat intake and find a healthier substitute for it. Salmon is the perfect alternative as it contains high amounts of Omega 3-- a substance which reduces the risk of heart and mental diseases.

5. Peas

With the way peas look, it is easy to understand why we oftentimes neglect its health benefits. For your information, a cup of peas provide the body with high amounts of fiber and protein. In addition to this, its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties earned it a spot in the superfoods list. Go for fresh and frozen, but shy away from canned peas because a lot of nutrients have already been lost during the canning process.

6. Parsley

For many, parsley is nothing but a pretty garnish on dishes. You will be surprised to know that parsley does more than just making your food beautiful. In fact, it is rich in vitamin A, magnesium, calcium, iron and vitamin C. Aside from its nutritional benefits, it is also useful in maintaining your body figure. It functions as a de-bloater and its mild diuretic properties help flush out toxins and excess water in our body.

7. Apple

We have heard the saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, over and over again. This is more than just an expression, as this superfood can indeed help you to reduce risk of illnesses with the amazing nutritional facts that it has. It may seem like a normal and simple fruit but its benefits are incomparable. It poses the same benefits that other fruits have and in addition to that, this fruit is actually jam packed with fiber, allowing you to stay full for a longer period of time.

The best way to achieve your healthy body is to go natural way. If the process involves taking drugs or any other chemically made products, then it is best that you think twice before complying with that regimen. Go all-natural, go with these super foods and you will definitely feel super in no time. 

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