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Introducing Our New RISE Mushroom Blend

Introducing Our New RISE Mushroom Blend

These days, there’s no shortage of products that promise immense health benefits, but, if you’re looking for the real deal, you’ll want to add our latest mushroom blend to your daily routine. The blend is the perfect addition to your morning coffee, smoothie, or even your golden milk! The blend can also be taken in the afternoon if you’re in a slump and need a pick-me-up to make it through the rest of the day.

No matter if you’re looking to improve your performance and productivity or you want to improve your overall health and wellness with a boosted immune system, this mushroom blend will help.

Here’s what you need to know about this latest blend so that you can reap all of its mushroom benefits!

Benefits of Cordyceps Mushrooms

Cordyceps mushrooms may not be the most well-known mushrooms, but these little fungi pack a huge health and wellness punch. These mushrooms offer amazing immune-boosting and adaptogenic properties, which means they're really, really good for you.

One of the biggest benefits of cordyceps mushrooms is that they boost energy levels.1 While you can sleep more and exercise to give yourself more energy, it's much easier to have an herbal helper to help. On those days when you need a quick pick-me-up or are feeling fatigued, our mushroom blend is exactly what you need.

These mushrooms are also beneficial in that they help your body better manage and regulate stress. Since stress is part of everyday life, it’s nice to have access to an herbal supplement that is an adaptogen. Adaptogens help the body to resist stressors, including chemical, physical, and biological. Adaptogens date back to ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic healing traditions2 and, today, they’re making a serious comeback.

Other benefits of cordyceps medicinal mushrooms include they:

  • Are anti-cancer and anti-tumor
  • Provide liver and kidney support
  • Regulate blood sugar levels
  • Are anti-inflammatory
  • Improve immune function

By taking a mushroom blend that uses cordyceps, you can all but ensure that you’ll feel better, have more energy, and experience other long-term health benefits.

Benefits of Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

Lion’s Mane mushrooms are medically used in many Asian countries,3 including Japan, China, India, and Korea. They contain bioactive substances that have proven to be beneficial for the gut, brain, and heart health.

The most notable health benefit of Lion’s Mane mushrooms is that they're a powerful cognitive enhancer. These mushrooms improve memory and focus, among other things. In fact, studies have shown that these mushrooms contain compounds that stimulate the growth of brain cells, which means they may be helpful in protecting against Alzheimer's disease.4

Another notable benefit of these medical mushrooms is their ability to relieve mild symptoms of anxiety and depression. With more than a third of people living with depression or anxiety, this herbal remedy can help thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

By taking an herbal supplement that contains Lion’s Mane, other benefits you can expect include protection against ulcers, reduced risk of heart disease, management of diabetes symptoms, stress reduction, and a strengthened immune system.

Benefits of Maitake Mushrooms

Maitake mushrooms are often found at the bases of oak trees and are widely praised for their culinary versatility. However, these mushrooms are also a wellness powerhouse. To start, Maitake mushrooms are extremely rich in:

  • Amino acids
  • Vitamin B and C
  • Antioxidants
  • Potassium
  • Fiber
  • Copper
  • Minerals

With all of these amazing health properties, it’s no surprise just how great Maitake mushrooms are for protecting the body. Studies have found that these mushrooms are able to fight the growth and reproduction of cancer cells.5 These mushrooms also increase the number of cells that can fight against cancerous tumors.

Another notable benefit of these mushrooms is that, in powdered form, they've been linked to lowered cholesterol levels while also increasing fatty acids. This means that Maitake mushrooms are great for heart health, especially when it comes to keeping the arteries clear of blockages.

Aside from protecting against serious health conditions like cardiovascular issues and Type 2 diabetes, other notable Maitake mushroom benefits include improved immune function and the ability to fight against cold and flu viruses.

Benefits of Chaga Mushrooms

The last (but definitely not least!) medical mushrooms that we use in our latest blend are Chaga mushrooms. These mushrooms are often found on birch trees and have been used for centuries in ancient medicine throughout Europe, Japan, and Russia. When compared to other medicinal mushrooms, Chaga mushrooms have the strongest antioxidant activity.6 These mushrooms also fight oxidative stress caused by certain health conditions such as Parkinson’s, inflammation, and free radicals.

Like other mushrooms, Chaga mushrooms are also beneficial in fighting against certain forms of cancer. Studies have found that these mushrooms reduce the growth of colon and liver cancer. One study found that Chaga extract reduced cancerous tumor size by 60%.7 The mushrooms were also able to reduce the spread of cancer to other parts of the body.

Other notable health benefits of Chaga mushrooms include they:

  • Protect the immune system
  • Improve diabetic health
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Increase physical endurance
  • Minimize the risk of blood clots

By taking Chaga mushrooms on a daily basis, you can have the peace of mind that your health is protected. Our latest mushroom blend uses the most potent Chaga mushrooms to ensure that you can reap all of the benefits.

Why a Blend Is Most Beneficial

While all of these natural ingredients are incredible in their own right, when combined they work in sync to noticeably contribute to one’s overall health and wellness. Let’s face it; unless you’re a hardcore mushroom lover, chances are you won’t be fixing yourself a plate full of four types of different mushrooms day in and day out.

Our blend is extremely convenient, and it makes staying healthy as easy as possible. With this latest mushroom blend, you can enjoy lower stress, normalized bodily processes, and a healthier immune system, all in one product!

Get Your Mushroom Blend Today!

Our mushroom powders are easy to fit into your daily schedule. By mixing the powder with a drink or taking it during lunch, you can conveniently do something good for your health without dedicating much time or effort.

Don’t go another day not being the healthiest version of you. Instead of trying other products that promise results but don’t deliver, choose a mushroom blend that uses natural proven ingredients to give your health the boost it needs.

If the idea of waking up with the right foot forward gets you excited, you can shop the RISE Organic Mushroom Blend here. We look forward to helping you feel better inside and out.



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