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Turmeric - Why It's So Awesome


Turmeric is a nutritional supplement that you should give serious consideration to, because, well…it’s an awesome supplement.

Some people consider it to be the most effective nutritional supplement in the market.

Other people, may just think it’s cool that turmeric makes curry yellow.

The facts are the facts though.

If youre looking to try a supplement that has been tried and tested for many years, turmeric can check that box for you. It has been utilized throughout India for thousands of years as a spice as well as a medicinal herb.

In more recent years, science has begun to show what the Indians seemed to know for many years…turmeric possesses several ingredients which provide medicinal benefits.

The main ingredients in turmeric are known as curcuminoids. Try saying that real fast 5 times in a row. Curcuminoids, curcuminoids, curcuminoids, curcuminoids, curcuminoids.

Okay, so the most important curcuminoid is called curcumin. Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to say that 5 times in a row too.

Curcumin is the primary active ingredient in turmeric. It is an effective anti-inflammatory and a powerful antioxidant. Curcumin zones in on multiple steps at the molecular level within the inflammatory pathway. It can be complicated, but simply put, curcumin fights inflammation at the molecular level.

There’s a good chance that you’re avoiding drugs and taking supplements instead. Kudos to you. 

We’ll say it again…you should really consider giving turmeric a chance at becoming one of the supplements you use.

See the breakdown below showing you more information in regards to the benefits turmeric provides as well as the drugs you can potentially cut out, because of this glorious supplement.

More About Turmeric’s Benefits & Medications They May Be Able To Replace



1) Anti-Depressants

Their haven’t been many studies on humans yet, however dozens of research trials have discovered that turmeric helps to correct depression symptoms in lab animals.

Although, there was a study on humans done by the journal Phytotherapy Research which split 60 volunteers (who were clinically depressed) and divided them into two groups. One group took Prozac and the other with Prozac and curcumin. The researchers discovered that the curcumin was just as effective as Prozac in regards to controlling depression.

2) Arthritis Pain Management

As we noted earlier, curcumin is a powerful anti-inflammatory. It can help to reduce pain. Studies have shown that curcumin can be a quality alternative to arthritis drugs which can lead to heart disease (among other potential side effects).

Curcumin comes without the risk of heart disease and is known to help arthritis patients manage their pain.

3) Blood Clot Reduction

Lovenox, Advil, Motrin (Ibuprofen), Coumadin, Aspirin, the list goes on…You can find several drugs on the market that are made to help slow or prevent blood clots. The good news is, you may no longer need any of those.

Curcumin can help slow or prevent blood clots and doesn’t come with all of the potential side effects that the drugs listed above come with.

Please note: You should not necessarily stop taking any of those drugs listed above and using turmeric (the curcumin in turmeric) instead.

The curcumin can be very effective to the point where you might not need to take any of the drugs listed above. However, for certain conditions such as deep vein thrombosis, it could still be wise to stick with the medication as well. Consult with your doc to confirm.

4) Cancer Treatment

Cancer is an ugly disease. Hopefully it hasn’t hit your family or friends, but whether or not it has, you surely know that it’s an ugly disease.

Let’s pray you never get it, but if you do (or anyone you know does), then remember you have a friend who lives inside of turmeric; your friend’s name is curcumin.

Curcumin helps to naturally treat cancer by reducing tumor size, halting growth and killing cancer cells.

It’s particularly impactful with colon cancer, skin cancer and breast cancer. By no means does turmeric actually cure cancer, however, it has been shown to help cancer patients.

5) Cholesterol Reduction

High cholesterol is a prevalent problem amongst people throughout the U.S.

Many times this is due to poor eating habits.

Unfortunately, well known drugs which help reduce cholesterol come along with some really ugly side effects including the potential of death. Also, they don’t even address the most pressing issue which is oxidative stress. So even though they will probably lower your cholesterol, they don’t fix the root of the problem (your inflammation and oxidative stress) and there are serious potential side effects.

Fortunately, there’s your good ol’ friend curcumin which is inside of your friend turmeric. Curcumin helps to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress while reducing your cholesterol as well.

In addition to the 5 benefits we mentioned above and the benefit mentioned before the list (anti-inflammation), turmeric offers a slew of other benefits as well.

It can replace steroids, painkillers and even diabetes drugs.

Like anything, yes there are some potential side effects.

Turmeric can cause diarrhea, nausea, bleeding, increased menstrual flow and Hypotension (lowered blood pressure) among other potential side effects.

Before you start running away from turmeric, please remember that these side effects are primarily only seen when people take large doses.

As you see, turmeric (and especially the cucumin inside of it) can be extremely beneficial to your health while enabling you to get rid of several drugs.

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Hey Andrea, Iove this article thanks for sharing. I am looking at starting a new diet to reduce my inflammation. I keep reading reviews about Turmeric with BioPerine supplement but can’t make up my mind because of the price. I understand it has a ton of benefits which I can kind of justify for the price but then again in this review, they are saying it is great. Would love to get your opinion on it and is it something someone needs when first starting out. Thanks again for the tips. I’m on the fence if I should buy it or not.


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