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DIY Herbal Supplements: 4 Tips for Streamlining the Process

DIY Herbal Supplements: 4 Tips for Streamlining the Process

Congratulations on making the decision to create your own supplements. Not only is your choice more cost effective, but it’s a step to ensuring that you know exactly what’s in each and every supplement you take. Gone are the days of fillers and products you can’t pronounce. What better way to take control of your health then making your own herbal supplements?

Beginning anything new can be intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be; in fact, making your own dietary supplements can be extremely easy. Here are four tips for streamlining the process—they’ll make creating your supplements both simple and easy.

1. Choose the Capsules Right for You

Before beginning the process of creating your own herbal supplements, you’ll need to decide what type of capsules to use, and what size best fits your needs. There are two main types: gelatin and vegetarian. Gelatin capsules contain animal by-products. Vegetarian capsules contain plant-based materials only. Capsules come in four sizes; from smallest to largest the sizes are 1, 0, 00, 000. Size 1 capsules hold 300 mg to 600 mg; size 0 hold 400 mg to 800 mg; size 00 hold 600 mg to 1100 mg; and size 000 hold 800 mg to 1600 mg. The amount each capsule holds depends upon how tightly packed the powder within it is. A simple tool called a tamper (see below) can help to pack the most powder into each capsule.

2. Use a CAP-M-QUIK

This simple device allows you to create 50 capsules in approximately 15 minutes. That’s a pretty good investment for your health; setting aside 15 minutes each month allows you to create the supplements needed to improve your overall well-being. Cap-M-Quik comes in four different sizes to meet a variety of needs. The Cap-M-Quik holds each capsule steady and upright, allowing the user to easily fill each capsule before securely placing the second capsule half onto the first.

3. Use a Tamper

This handy tools tamps down the supplements going into the capsules. It helps to reduce mess as well as streamline the capsule-filling process. Its simple design attaches easily to the Cap-M-Quik capsule holder. Once the capsules are filled, the Tamper presses the powder down allowing the user to fill the capsules to maximum capacity. The entire process takes mere seconds, and ensures that each capsules holds the maximum amount of herbal supplements. It’s also a great tool to help create enough space in each capsule when creating personalized supplement blends.

4. Purchase Quality Supplement

It’s important to investigate the quality of the supplements offered on the market. Look for companies that offer a money-back guarantee; this guarantee means that the company stands behind the products offered. Certified organic options are important as well, as are customer reviews. Herb Affair offers a variety of high quality supplements such as organic turmeric and organic ceylon cinnamon powder that come highly rated.

While beginning any new venture may be intimidating at first, making your own herbal supplements can be extremely easy with just a few simple tools. The initial investment will quickly pay off by helping you to create a streamlined process enabling you to create your own supplements in a mere 15 minutes per batch. And the more you commit to the process, the easier and quicker it will become!

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