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Collection: Capsule Filling Supplies

Get everything you need to start making your own supplements today. You can choose between Gelatin or Vegetarian Capsules and to make filling capsules even easier, we have the CAP-M-QUIK and The Capsule Machine available in multiple sizes. Browse our wide selection of capsule filling supplies available below.

What are the capsules made of? Vegetarian capsules are derived from vegetable cellulose and are completely free of any animal products. They are derived from hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC), which is plant fiber. They contain no additives and are free from soy, wheat, starch and any preservatives. 

Gelatin Capsules are comprised of bovine (cattle). They are 100% BSE free. The cattle are raised in humane conditions under strict regulations to ensure quality gelatin is produced. 

Capsule Certifications: They are pharmaceutical grade, Kosher and Halal certified by Star-K, as well as gluten, allergen and preservative free.

Capsule Features: When the capsules are fully closed, you will feel them snap shut. They are completely tasteless and odorless and work great to fill with powders of your choice, so you can customize the capsule to your liking. Our capsules work perfectly with the CAP-M-QUIK and The Capsule Machine as well as other capsule fillers. Using a capsule filler, you will be able to easily make multiple batches of capsules in a matter of minutes.

Sizes: Our capsules range in sizes from the smallest size 4 (120-240mg) to the largest size 000 (800-1600mg). They will work for any herbal supplement project you need. They are even great for putting bad tasting medications for pets or children.

If you want to read more about the differences between Gelatin and Vegetarian capsules, you can read more here.