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Calming Your Mind and Emotions

Calming Your Mind and Emotions

Now is the perfect time to calm your mind before you embark on the last few months of the year. Today, your life can be very stressful, almost “out of control”. At times it seems to take over your brain, such that we cannot “shut off our thoughts” enough to even sleep.

Emotional Factors

Love, joy and happiness are primary emotional issues for life. So are depression and sadness fundamental parts of human experience. Many factors can affect these emotions; our moods, these include your personal history, environment, lifestyle, food and especially our thoughts.

Brain Nourishing Herbs Can Help:

Chamomile has been used for centuries by both Romans and Greeks. Still, today its uses have expanded to include sleep aid, anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxer, sedative and anti- spasmodic. It brings relief for those with insomnia issues. (May have an allergic reaction if also allergic to ragweed, not recommended if pregnant). It is a calming and mild relaxant for children. Recommended during those emotional times to calm and restore order.

Milky oats are restorative for the nervous system, very grounding, essential for concentration. They contain the entire B complex vitamin, (except for B12), to give good mental stability. Concentrate on use of oat tips especially if you have nerve damage or disease.

Roses or Rosehips are calming relief for stress to the nerves. It can be used to alleviate pain of an emotional heart, and it is uplifting to the spiritual soul. Studies have found it is good for children with ADHD. Rosehips are recommended during times of anxiety and stress to calm emotions.

Skullcap is one of the finest herbal nervine, extremely nourishing for the brain and pain relieving. It acts just like an antidepressant; sedating but at the same time helping the mind to focus. This can help calm you down for sleep.

Holy Basil is an adaptogenic herb, helping with depression, stress and anxiety. This herb also reduces the stress hormone, cortisol, which stays constantly high during stress and causes more obesity and less sleep capability. (Do not use during pregnancy)

The herb Ginseng is great for emotional rejuvenation, for both mental and physical stress. It helps promote strong nerves, sound sleep, clearer thinking.

Lemon Balm safeguards against senility. It acts like a natural tranquilizer. Great anytime you need more serenity.

Rosemary is the best all round brain tonic used by the ancient people. Renowned as a great memory aid, rosemary has a tonic effect on the whole nervous system and is good for circulation.

Ashawaganda reduces the negative effects of stress. It has a mild sedative effect on the central nervous system. This Indian herb is a proven muscle relaxant and helpful during anxiety and sleeplessness, putting your mind to ease.

Ginkgo brings blood flow to the brain. It helps to improve mood, ease tension and increase sociability.

Let’s look at some suggestions for use and best ways to imbibe our favorite herbal elixirs.


Tea, Extracts, Oils and Capsules

Herbal Teas are made by steeping your herbs, dried or fresh leaves, in hot or boiling water. Generally, you need to steep flowers and leaves for 20 minutes. Roots and bark from herbs need 20-30 minutes of simmering time to receive beneficial compounds.

Then strain and drink. Try to be quiet and enjoy the calm while drinking and relax!

Extracts are stronger mixtures steeped in alcohol or glycerin. They do pull out more compounds harder to reach by teas. Please read the directions on how often and how many drops to use on the bottles. I usually recommend, for most people to take drops with a few ounces of water.

Oils are essential parts of a plant….they are not available for every herb. Most are to be used externally, a few for internal use. Essential Oils are more expansive since harder to produce and quantity is usually small. But even peppermint is calming for tension headaches by rubbing a drop or two on the corner of your temples.

Capsules are sold at most health stores or online and then you are guaranteed to have a specific amount, found in studies, to bring natural relief for the issue you are trying to resolve. Or you can buy your herb or spice powders and make your own capsules.

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